Sunday, August 15, 2010

Return of the Tiff (I feel like I've used that title before... must be that slackerish tendency at work again)

Alright, now that I'm done catching up on some of your blog entries from the past three months, I would like to announce Tiff's Return to Blogtown. I'm baaaaack!

And since I haven't blogged in three-ish months, you know that means I'm backed up on three-ish months of crazy goodness. A little sneak preview, just to keep you coming back...

-Erik's birthday party
-Visit from Kyle's parents
-Charlie's birthday party
-Brooks' birthday party
-Goodwin reunion, complete with first truly professional photo shoot ever!
-farewell to Utah
-hello, Arizona!
-Wilson's birthday party (notice a running theme to my life's events?)
-our sweet new dig, not cleaned or decorated, but still pretty sweet
-and other cool or boring stuff

It just might take three-ish more months to catch up on all this blogging, but I doubt the coming three months will be as eventful as the previous ones, so mathematically speaking, I should catch up to today sometime before my next unannounced blogging hiatus, right?


Anonymous said...

I missed you, and I'll keep missing you. I saw your pictures on facebook (of the photo shoot) and you look super hot!

sara said...

i cant wait for an update and for a good reason why you didn't come to vegas on your way to az!