Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Char party madness, part 3

So with the food and decor on our side, the party was pulled off so effortlessly that I found myself pacing nervously around the room disturbed by my idleness-- why did I have nothing to do?! Because it was a small group--just our closest peeps-- and no games or activities for a baby party, I pretty much actually got to sit back and enjoy it! (When I wasn't nervously pacing, that is.) Oh yeah, when I said no activities I meant that the ball pit was like 10 rowdy and hilarious activities in one, so none other were needed.)

Kyle and I were both ecstatic and extremely relieved to see the end of my season-of-soireees. (Four thrown in five weeks.)

Char's our first kid to get a smash-cake experience. Well, I guess Erik had an accidental one.

Charlie waah-ed at first until he got a taste (but not before Erik did)...

And then he put on a pretty good show.

Some frosting even made it to the wall behind him.

He hasn't eaten a vegetable since. Oh well. That was fun, and fun is good.

We did have a quiz on Char's first year, that (surprise, surprise) Mish and Kjerstin tied to win.
I didn't get a group shot or pics of presents, but rest assured they were cool.

I believe it was a happy birthday for this boy (clad in a second Hungry Caterpillar outfit-- gifted by the Pauls-- which fit him despite being size 3-6 months). He's a pretty nice young lad, and much more so since his first birthday. (That's all to come in the next post.)

Also, this is my new favorite party I've thrown (it tends to be my most recent one)! I pretty much loved everything about it, and I pretty much love everything about Charlie. (Sometimes.)


nimbus said...

Raspberries are the best. I still laugh at him when I remember our many raspberry show-downs.

Mish said...

I miss Charlie soooo much! And I miss you, and everyone else. And this party really was the best and cutest to date, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love you and your parties!