Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well, whaddya know?

So, we had a great weekend with my parents, but I haven't uploaded pix yet, so that will come.

As we were impulsively deciding to make the overnight trek to Sacramento on Thursday afternoon, Kyle pointed out that gas would cost us half of a Vitamix. Was I sure I wouldn't rather put the money there?

I was sure. Vitamix would always hold a place in my heart, but it was really more of a far away fantasy to actually own one. Kind of like owning a home. Fun to dream about and all too easy to covet, but just not gonna happen.

Also kind of like owning a Cricut. Just not gonna happe-- wait. I own one of those! And wait, I own one of THESE!!!



Yes, me and Vitamix are in the honeymoon stage. We cannot be separated. The Larsens are eating liquefied breakfast, lunch, and dinner around here. It is bliss. Sheer low-fat, tasty, five-fruits-and-vegetables-a-day bliss.

Truly, the kids have consumed more vegetables in the past two days than the past month, probably. (For instance, last night I cleaned out my crisper and all of us gobbled up the cream of asparagus-spinach-carrot-avocado-salsa soup.)

Are you wondering how in this life I broke Kyle down to buy one?

Yeah, I didn't. Ma is much easier to break. And the thing about Ma's generosity is that Mish and I didn't even ask for one-- I never ever would have. We just stood there drinking all the samples at Costco and absorbing all the saleslady's propaganda and there was some excitement in the air for all of us, and before we knew it Judy was asking us, "Alright, just go ahead and choose. Do you want black or white?" We chose the black one.

Judy was actually the same saleslady who introduced me to the Vitamix in Murray (destiny, no?), and she remembered us well! "You and your husband and all your kids were just standing there trying everything and asking lots of questions and I was so sure you were going to get one, and then you just walked away!" Yep, that's about right.

Mish and I have grand plans for preparing all our meals for the week on Saturdays and I'll send her back to Provo full of tupperwares to freeze. We also decided we're taking veganism to a new level-- we'll be eating ONLY fresh fruit and vegetables from now on. Actually, I'll still be eating buttered wheat toast. And we figured, with childbearing and all, we should put some calcium in our bones, so we'll use milk cubes in some smoothies.

So, I am overcome with love and gratitude for my generous parents and love and gratitude for my new Vitamix. Love, sweet [artificial sweetener-free] love.


Cristi said...

Oh my gosh, Tiff. I love you!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely LOVE my vitamix!! My latest craze is making homemade almond milk. So good!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like another kitchen appliance to warm the heart. :)

nimbus said...

What will happen to the meat and potatoes when we come for a visit? I just can't see drinking a meatball dinner with home grown carrots and potatoes.

Tana said...

Lucky girl! Have fun with it! Next time you visit, put it in your suitcase and give me the sales pitch. Maybe my kids will eat more veggies too.

blaine and michelle said...

When should I be over for drinkable dinner?

megantonesforever said...

I need that recipe for the soup. Sounds so good. Maybe my blender will do the trick! Although, the soup might be a little bit chuncky. I have a recipe with oranges, spinach and a few other things that is delicious. Maybe you've had it.
How I would love a Vitamix!

Amy said...

So jealous!

Anonymous said...