Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vagabonds no more!

Well, we finally have a semi-permanent place to call home! It feels oh-so-good to be settling somewhere with the intent to stay long enough to unpack our bags. This past week's projects have centered around furnishing the condo (eating on the floor was not nearly as cool as the Japanese make it look), but I've thankfully managed to squeeze in some creative time, too.

Kyle and I finally celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend by eating at Mimi's Cafe. It was awkward, refreshing, and delightful to sit at a restaurant table all by ourselves (which hadn't happened since maybe Valentine's Day 2008??? That's the last time I recall...) and talk about things completely unrelated to family finances, furnishings, and even the kids. Some red roses also unexpectedly arrived for me at home. I was feeling the love.

Here's another photo montage of recent doings.

A couple weeks ago Dude who does the photographs for the I Spy books was at the BYU Museum of Art introducing his new exhibit, and there were also free milk and cookies so Kallist, Na, and I were not about to miss it.

He also does a lot of photographs of mini-scenes like this one Elle and Kallist are enjoying of Cinderella. I'm actually more impressed with whoever crafted that diorama, but photography is cool, too.

Probably his most inspiring piece was this wall of unopened duck sauce packets. If we take Mom to a few more Chinese fast food joints, we'll probably be ready to make our own. Actually, I really was inspired by this work of art and determination. Do you think he cut a deal with the local Asian eatery or was this a task that required years of hoarding (and eating bad take-out)?

Na was really feeling the magic of the balloon wall.

I think Mish took this one while we were moving and she and her roomie had the kids at the park. Not sure how it made it into this post, but Didi can say "Aunt Mish" now. It's stinkin' cute.

Props to Mac for being a first rate friend, helping Kyle haul our stuff into and out of a rental truck for the 40-minute trek up north. The only furniture we had to our names was a bed, dresser and desk (How did Mom escape without supplying us any chairs?! We're still dumbfounded and disappointed), so I'm still wondering how we managed to fill that truck up to the brim. Also, Kyle drove the truck home while I, yes I, Tiffany Jan Larsen drove our van home all the way from American Fork ON THE FREEWAY! BY MYSELF! I had to giggle when Kyle (who'd left several minutes after me) whizzed by me in the left lane, but overall it was an exceedingly proud moment. And I've actually driven several times since, and haven't even died once. For better or worse, I am now officially a "van mom."

No, we are not too proud to dumpster dive. And yes, Kyle was actually IN the dumpster a few moments after this shot was taken, just to make sure there weren't any other cool, salvageable items hanging out with the neighborhood trash.
This looked a lot prettier in live, panoramic form. The street was lined on both sides with trees laden with freshly fallen snow. It was a very "White Way Delight" moment.

They are smiling now, but Kyle and Bob experienced quite a trial hoisting this beast of a tv from the van onto a rolling chair and up four stairs into the house. If you're thinking this tv weighs less than a sumo wrestler, you'd be wrong. It weighs in at 240 lbs, and I think it's getting bigger all the time. We had to call in reinforcements to get it down to the basement into Bob's quarters, and we're pretty sure we won't ever be taking it back up.

If you are having a baby any time in the next couple years, you can expect/request one of these from me. I always thought the ribbons were decorative but once I figured out they are functional and quite convenient for attaching to stroller, car seat, etc., tag blankies became my new rage. Okay, sort of. This was my first attempt, and my first experience working with "minky" (the thick, soft red and green materials) and, let's just say that the seams were forgiving but still I'm really glad Cathi's new baby doesn't know the difference between a square and a rhombus-shaped blanky yet. Oh yeah, I also made a couple rag-edged burp cloths in these fabrics for Cathi. I used to only craft for myself but I think crafting for friends and family is even more fun, and makes me feel a little less guilty about how much $ and time I spend on fabric. =)

Up next are a set of matching aprons for me, my sisters, and Ellie, still gotta finish Noe's quilt, Mary's bird mobile, and as soon as felt is on sale, I am going to go on a felt food-making rampage! In the meantime, I've enjoyed cooking dinner again (feels like ages since I've done that regularly) and exploring our new hometown. At the top of the list are still finding a midwife and finding a bosom friend for Ellie.


Joe and Christie said...

You are a crack-up, Tiff!
I'm so happy that you are settled now--here's hoping it lasts for at least two months.

Also, congrats on getting behind the wheel again! I'm sure it was terrifying and liberating all at once.

I wish we lived closer so the sister triumvirate would be complete and we could craft at will.

sara said...

I can't believe you drove! That's amazing T! I knew someday you'd be all grown up! I love your crafts! You still have to come visit me and teach me some of these great tricks!
I'm glad you have an address finally. Think of all the magazine subscriptions you can get now. Or free catalogs to cut the pictures out of and make envelopes.
Thanks for the updates!

Marilyn said...

You are amazing. Where are you getting all of that crafting time, with moving and all? I'm totally calling you today and setting a time to come see your new home.

mmm.chocolate said...

Wow! You guys have been through so many changes in the past few months. Is this new home in Provo did you say? How are you feeling? I have to say, I'm quite amazed by your crafting abilities. What a fun post Tiff!

Kallista said...

Wow, I am excited that you guys have a place. That will be so nice. We just got back from our trip, so I will call you, and talk. The blanket is adorable by the way!

liso. said...

Welcome home, Tiff! ...and holy projects galore! Good on ya, can't wait to see more pics... (and narration. i love your narration.)