Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jewelry for Sale

Mom and I are finally hosting a jewelery sale next week! I bought almost 200 pieces of jewelry in China with the express purpose of selling it for one of my favorite charities, Mothers Without Borders. When postpartum depression was convincing me that my life was not worthwhile, I focused on collecting jewelry for this charity. Keeping in mind the images of children in Africa who are among the world's most destitute, and knowing that this fundraiser would be for them, was an immense help in surviving that year in China.

I am mostly posting these jewelry photos for friends who can come to the event next Tuesday, but the rest of you are welcome to gawk.

Freshwater pearls in three natural colors: white, peach, and champagne, and dyed black pearls. White pearls come in a set with bracelet and earrings (stud or dangle).

Three-strand sets of floating pearls, sizes and shapes varying. Available in 10 colors.

Shell & pearl necklaces in natural and dyed colors.

Coral and turquoise necklace and bracelet sets. Faux-wood beads with various gem inlets.

Swarovski crystal with a single pearl, available in pink, green, and purple.


sara said...

I'll take one of each...Where's the party?
I might have to ask about shipping...
You totally rock! What a great idea to sell stuff you picked up in China. You're so righteous too because I probably would've sold the stuff to make a profit.

Good luck.

Marilyn said...

The jewelry party looks exciting. i hope you make lots of money. If you looked at my blog you saw all of the jewelry that Nana sold at her party. She sold a ton and made enough money to pay the taxes on her home. Woohoo!!

Joe and Christie said...

Good for you, Tiff. I hope you make oodles of cash for the cause :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I totally want to contribute. Let me know what and how much and even though I probably can't be there, I love your frozen grapes and guts!!