Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wherefore art thou DDR?

Ever since Aunt Michelle's temporary absence (visiting friends in Portland), Ellie has found her life hopelessly DDR-less. (For those of you not in-the-know, DDR, or Dance Dance Revolution, is the only so-called video game I whole-heartedly embrace. It basically involves stepping on arrows on a special dance pad to corresponding arrows on the screen, all to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. I was a fanatic for this in high school, as are many Asians, but my skills are nothing on Michelle's, who tears up 19 high-energy songs in a row before stopping for air (oh, to be young (and not pregnant) again...).) We got Mish some new dance pads for her birthday and ever since, one of the highlights of Ellie's day has been joining Mish on the dance floor. Mish has been gone almost three weeks now, and Ellie has consoled herself by finding more and more DDR dance pad-substitutes, including everything from baby quilts to cutting boards to Bob's card pad to the laptop keyboard, when we're not looking. Needless to say, Mish: come home soon before Ellie destroys everything flat in this house!!!