Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Week-Before-Finals Week" Conspiracy

Finals start this Saturday- No problem. The problem is the "week-before-finals week." That's when teachers of every department get in cahoots to try to "break you" before finals. That's when you feel like pulling out your hair and forsaking your degree to live in the mountains away from the impending certainty of utter educational failure.

The "week-before-finals week" is, of course, when all of your final projects and papers are due on top of all the normal homework and expectations. Also, our so-called "professors" always find a way to add additional little assignments (too "petty" to break students' silence in class) and cram in the uncovered material in the name of "caring about our educational growth." Well, I don't buy it- You're just trying to break me, in which you find joy.

On top of it all, within a week of "the week-before-finals week," the teachers in at least half of your classes decide to put the final exam on the last day of class (often by a teacher-led class vote when unsuspecting freshmen vote for the affirmative) in order to "ease the burden of finals week," leaving no study time at all. I WANT MY FINALS WEEK BACK!